La Mordida

-Señor Barragan

I can’t remember a birthday without the fear of tres leches juice up my nose

The whole crowd screaming que le muerda

The little ones slowly sneaking up behind you

Tiny Traitors

My brother started buying two cakes- “just in case”

A strange action for one who grew up with no food

We don’t even know how this all got started

I wonder who was the first to see an unsuspecting face violently smash a cake, and say

“I want to do that to someone I love”

This is the only tradition we have left

Back home it was different

In the diaspora and search for freedom we sacrificed enough I suppose

My familia doesn’t look forward to any holiday

My mother sleeps before el grito because she has work the next morning

No muertito to visit at the local panteon

The Reyes Magos don’t come after the new year

There is no mouse to pay me for my dientes full of caries

On el cinco we scoff at the companies trying to sell us junk, and then buy it

No fiestas for any santito

Back home it was different

Back with our giant family we had something to honor every week

In our golden cage though, all we can do is honor each other

Honor the few of us here

One pastel at a time

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