Stand Up Year 3


We spoke of
The tiny fingers
poking through the metal cages
Animales ,
hungry and sick
They came for freedom
And their liberty they lost
For them

Let’s stand up

We mourned over the ones without a helping hand
a home
a shelter
Without ones to love
the lost ones that are living
For them

Let’s stand up

We shed tears with our communities
The ones like us
And the ones not
For the ones who can’t or who won’t
We must
For them

Let’s stand up

How many times must we see this before we won’t stand for it
As another hollow body hits the floor
The cherry colored stains on the cement or the carpet or grass
on the shards of broken glass
Our heart can not take another name

As it’s ready to burst with those that lost their selves without justice

For them

Let’s stand up

For our elders and ancestors
For the ones who fought their fight once
For those who don’t know any better, yet
For the ones taking advantage
For the ones who need us more than anyone
For them

Let’s stand up

We howled over perceptions
Over nonsense and unfairness
Over disrespect
Over languages and traditions
For us

Let’s stand up

Les dije
No los culpo por estar enojados y con miedo cuando el mundo nos enterra
Me contestaron
Somos más fuertes que el pasado es lo único que ancestros dejan

But they left us
Who will save us

Let’s Stand up

Me preguntan
Why is the world against us?
Y les dije
I don’t have the answers
But I think we should
We need
We must
stand up

Let’s Stand up
Let’s Stand up
Let’s Stand up

We were on ur way
Yet something told us to remain
Somethings coming
Between stories and tears
We no longer could just stay

Ellos me cuentan cuentos
Historias de fuerza y humildad
Familias con ganas de nunca rendirse
Talvez pobres pero ricos de corazon
Si podemos
Si se puede
Yes we can
Yes we must

Let’s stand Up

Es el momento , tenemos que hacerlo por los que nos necesiten
Tenemos la fuerza tenemos las ganas es tiempo que no se me aguiten
Somos la gente y seremos los lideres que ayudan a los que aqui habiten
Si tienen dudas quiero que sepas de la grandeza ustedes siempre transmiten

Quiero que sepan, que todo se puede
Asta el destino con ganas se mueve
Aunque se cansen no ay que darle leve
No quiero que dudas ustedes lleven

Tenemos problemas y no ay que negarlo
Pero mi gente si va a acabarlo
Si tienen duda eso ay que cortarlo
Pues aqui juntos tenemos respaldo

Les digo stand up for the ones that need it
Yall see opportunity , it’s time to seize it
Yall are the future , yall better believe it
This is our chance let us not miss it

Let’s stand up

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