Your Story

Tell me your story
I want to know
I want to know YOU
Where are you from ? Tell me your roots
Tell me about that song that can mess up your day on an instant
Tell me about the scar, how did it happen ?
What are you scared of?
Do you believe in love at first sight? Or second?
Tell me about that movie you’ve seen a thousand times and could see a thousand times more.
Tell me about your childhood.
What is something nobody knows about you?
Tell me about the first kiss and your first love.
Who do you love ?
Let me explore you, from your inner thighs to your inner thoughts.
Are you a morning person ? Or a star of the night ?
Ice cream or froyo?
And your favorite drink ?
Tell me about the one that got away.
What makes you happy ?
Can you cook?
How do I show you you I can be trusted?
Tell me a joke . A bad one.
And your favorite pick up line?
Tell me you hate pickles too.

How many languages do you know?¿Hablas Español?
Can you fight ?
Tell me something sweet.
Do you read ?
Whose your favorite?
Can I be your poet ?

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