Uno Mas

Like a closed book she waits

Until it’s time to bloom

and the orchid shines like the moon on a dark night of spring

Blinding (bright, dazzling)

I ask her unexpected questions

Just to hear her voice one more time

Always so tranquil, in a manner that only she can attain

It’s mesmerizing

She sings beautiful notes of the motherland

I listen

I vanish in her look

Adrift in her cocoa-colored eyes

Time flies

I don’t bother to ask about tomorrow

All that matters is that she is here this day

Her strain so abundant

but this one…. this one

Unlike the rest

One of a kind

She dreams of home, of peace, of triumph

I attentive 

Her will lusty, ready

I await

The orchid pure

I a sinner 

The moon flower.

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