Moons and Stars

Shine for me

Bright enough to light my path on most absent nights

Do you think of me when you look up at the sky too?

After all it’s the same moon and stars that we all wish upon 

Even when we are on the other side of this globe

Like my connection to you

It may be cloudy or hard to see; but we know its always there

Constant, powerful and never ending

Are the moons and stars forever?

Will they one day vanish?

Will your love for me one day vanish as well?

In my eyes they are eternal 

But I can understand that all things end

Thats life

Even our memories vanish with time

But wonderful star of mine

I doubt there will be a moment when I’ll stop thinking of you

When I look up at the same moon and stars you see

When I look up I see no borders

I wish I was as free as the stars and the moon

So I could freely roam to you

And shine bright for you on your most absent of nights

Let me be your light

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