Letter in the Mail

We got a letter in the mail for you today

Its like they are mocking us

Shoving in our faces that you’re no longer here

6 years after your deportation and still

That constant reminder that makes me ill

Straight to my stomach

The powerless look in your eyes behind that glass

That broken smile 

Lost hope of a family

Hope lost of ever being reunited

The look in the judge’s eyes: disgusted

Its like in a way, he’s loving this

Then there is…

The look in my mothers eyes

At the end of the day just another letter

But to us a reminder of the open wound that refuses to heal

It will never heal

And you may be a phone call away

But its not the same

Between us a distance that neither of us can get pass

A border that neither of us can trespass 

A sad reality part of many realities

Families torn apart over pieces of paper

Over the luxury of being born across the imaginary line that separates us all

Who does this land belong to anyways?

How can it be mine or yours or his or hers?

Why can’t it be ours?

When I hear la raza unida

All I can think of the human race 

And the only way we will persist

Is if we learn to coexist

With one and other

But this letter in the mail tells another story

Un cuento de que 

We are not welcome

And my darker skin pigmentation makes us different

A fight between good and evil

Lets keep it real though, aren’t we both evil?

At the end of the day though this doesn’t even matter it was just another reminder

And  just another letter.

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