It could have been us

Tiny fingers poking out of metal cages in search of freedom

Instead we owned the wild streets of our home

Makeshift columpios hanging from giant pine trees

Now the only thing  these kids get to hang is their esperanza

We too needed to run

We didn’t understand that our kingdom wasn’t meant to make us kings

That our worm infested tummies and oversized shoes were meant for failure

So we ran north

Like they did

We somehow made it

We said goodbye to liberty in place of another

We escaped the cages of poverty, evading, by pure luck. the cages on the border

For mental cages in the exile that is is to be nor from here nor there

These kids in purgatory had no choice but to run north too

I’m sure they dream of being in my cage instead of theirs

It could have been us

Thanks to the last prayer my abuela gave us

The virgencita on my neck

Or perhaps manifest destiny

We made it

I hope they make it too

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