First Post

Poetry is a door that opens the way to a new world, or often the way to let others into yours. It can transform people. It can help you when you most need it. It can make you laugh and sometimes even shed a tear. For myself it was all of that and more.

My familia is originally from a small town in Mexico, we left at a young age and have lived in the Bay Area for most of our lives. We have suffered a lot because of trauma with substance abuse, poverty and immigration issues- all of that contributes to my identity and successes.

I have been writing for a while now, I wanted to find a way to share art and stories with our peers and thus the idea of this blog began. I can’t promise you that you will love what I write or even that I will be consistent in posting, but I can tell you that everything is sincere, real and it means something. Gracias

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