Definition of a Dreamer

1. A person who dreams or is dreaming
A person who is unpractical or idealistic
Synonym: Fantasist
2. Individuals in the U.S. who were brought to the country at an early age without documentation,
Undocumented immigrant
 Synonym: Soñadores

Related words:  raza, aztlan, inmigración, mariposas

In trying to define who we are I have stumbled upon the same word over and over again : chingar. This word has the characteristic that a few spanish words have, it transforms according to context like no other and almost impossible to have an exact translation; i guess the closest word might be “fuck” but not really. Chingar can be a verb, a noun, an adjective and your mom's favorite word if you piss her off.

By definition chingar as a verb means to annoy or to harm, can be terrifying when your madre screams at you “te voy a chingar”. You can conjugate the verb to something like “yo ya me chingue” into “ I fucked myself over”. If you say “se lo chingo” it could mean that someone has stolen, damaged or fucked something depending on context. 

The fascinating part for me  is when this word gets changed into an adjective/noun, and all of the sudden you get two very distinct words chingon & chingado. Chingado would be closer to the original definition, the fucked one, a lot of people use the word chingado/a to refer to an unpleasant place like hell. But chingon is the opposite, it just means something that is fucking awesome. 
In the same manner that the word chingar changes in different settings, being a Dreamer does too. You see being a dreamer can be pretty empowering, to think of how far some of us have made it and how much harder we have had to grind as Americans to stay afloat, chingones. At the same time if you are or you know a Dreamer, you know how hard things can be for them, chingados. Like as if a synonym of our state of being, a weird juxtaposition entre chingones y chingados, that's what dreamers are i think.

That's just what I think though, my own always transforming definition, but of course if you don't like it te puedes ir a la chingada.

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